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SDG Initiatives at Aizuwakamatsu Washington Hotel



At Aizuwakamatsu Washington Hotel, our motto is to be a welcoming hotel that is well-loved by our guests. Under our corporate mission statement to treat all our guests and the community with kindness, we will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through our business.

Reduction of plastic use in guest room amenities

At WHG Hotels, we provide toothbrushes that are made of rice husk biomass material in our guest rooms.
The material for the handle contains rice husks, reducing plastic waste by approximately 35%.
For shaving razors and hairbrushes, please inquire at the front desk.

We would appreciate your cooperation in reducing plastic waste by bringing your own toothbrush and other amenities when you travel in future.

Elimination of plastic straws

As part of our efforts to address the global problem of marine pollution, we have replaced plastic straws with paper or biodegradable plastic straws.